Social Media Research

Our friends at EYEON Intellectual Property Protection call the sharing of user data  “Social Media’s Dirty Little Secret”

Through their work with major brands within social media, they have noticed an alarming increase in the number of probable “Sponsored Ads” from known counterfeiters on Facebook.

Through EYEON’s Digital DNA™ product, (a few images are posted here) we would agree with that assessment.

Questions Surface

According to the EYEON team “We noticed a big up-tick in the amount of sponsored ads on our various Facebook accounts that we established supporting “Tailgate Nation”.  So many ads appeared that we became curious, and began tracking the advertised websites. What we saw then was absolutely horrible…websites for counterfeit NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA teams. Almost all of these websites originated out of China.”

“After reviewing these websites, we began employing our digital DNA collection techniques by capturing screen images of the Facebook page, the sponsored ad, coupled with the corresponding website, and then running a “Who is” lookup for the site’s URL”

Here’s proof:

Embed the “Media Release Power Point Presentation here”

EYEON went further to explain: “Counterfeiters are not only trying to sell you a counterfeit product but they are trying to get your personal information including your financial and credit card information.

“These “FAKE ” websites and enterprises are using the intellectual property and images from the world’s most recognized professional sports leagues, the NFL, MLB, and the NBA,””

“They set-up websites with US addresses and phones numbers.  How did we find these websites or better yet how did they find us? They appeared as sponsored ads on our Facebook pages that all focused on sports.”

The EYEON team expanded their investigation and discovered some alarming facts:

  • We (everyone) are being tracked and profiled within Social Media
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are selling user data to advertisers, who in turn place ads based on specific demographical, user profiles.
  • The majority of these alleged “counterfeit” sponsored ads are being delivered by Chinese based companies
  • Sponsored ads observed were not just restricted to sports merchandise. They collected and digitally DNA’ed numerous ads for illegal gambling, broadband television broadcasts, and even senior dating services using images of Hollywood celebrities

EYEON continued:

“We have evidence of probable and definitive trademark infringement, brand dilution, and counterfeit websites operating out of China, and directing their wares toward the unsuspecting consumer.”

“What is a typical consumer to think when they visit the “Official Nike Fan Page” on Facebook, and see in the right hand margin under the banner of “sponsored ad” an ad for “Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys for $29.00?”

“When the consumer clicks on the ad, they are taken to a site that replicates the look and feel of the Nike or NFL “Pro Shop” even down to the color scheme and trademarked sports logos for the leagues and teams. We have even seen sites with US addresses and telephone numbers.”

“It’s obvious here that Facebook and other social networking sites are involved in the unauthorized export and sharing of personal data to the Chinese.”  EYEON further explained, “…and these Chinese firms are exploiting on our passion for sports and fashion.”