We have assembled a growing list of resources here to help you report “FAKES” including resources within the Federal Government.

StopFakes.Gov is a very useful website by the US Department of Commerce that brings together all of the Federal Resources combating Counterfeiting and Theft of Intellectual Property.

We would like to highlight several resources they have listed:

Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself is a PDF that has excellent pointers

Report Fake Goods has links to make reports into the US Government’s Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center see IPR Center

The IPR Center also has links to Public Service Announcements from the National Crime Prevention Council that are very useful

They also have links to:

IC3, the Internet Crime Complaint Center that was established by the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  and their Counterfeit Medicine Alert Page

Many private sector firms have recently began getting involved in the anti-counterfeit fight including:

eBay and their You Can’t Fake Fashion campaign

Barbour, a well known clothing brand based in the UK has established their own Brand Counterfeit Education page to alert their consumers.

UGG Australia recently established What is Counterfeit and Why is it Wrong? To help their customers battle against counterfeiters.